The shorter the better

shorts skirts dresses (eww)
...I'm referring to HAIR of course! 

I just love short hairstyle on guys! And my eyes suddenly sparkle when one of them gets a haircut! It's just so fresh and neat and clean and sleek and all the other synonyms!

 So surprised by this one!!!!
I think it's mainly because I was a bit traumatized by sherlock's.......see for yourself...Won't post it here

Bonamana will forever be my favourite suju era!


It's not as short as the others
but it's shorter than this
U-kiss collage




You mean it's this Ilhoon?


Not sure?
Look again




That's him alright!
The colour and the cut totally changes his overall look and aura!
But Ilhoon will always be Ilhoon <3

Talking about hair brings me to  

5. Quegeum 

(Enrique) aka Yoon Shi Yoon

You <3
 Chestnut brown


Dark Ebony
Awww don't cry! You gave us a flawless performance!

If you are looking for :
  • a fresh non-typical korean drama
  • a fairytale-esque kinda drama
  • something that will make you smile
  • a cinematography that doesn't need big special effects
  • a storyline with no big plot or twist or intense melodramatic outcome
  • a more light-hearted, subtle and elegant approach with the concept of love (where it isn't depicted superficially during the 5 minutes entry into the first episodes)
  • characters who are more centered around relationships and community
  • a storyline that focuses on the characters' development through the littlest details
  • monologues, dialogues, narrations, emotions in which you can dive into their innermost thoughts
  • a drama in which there are no physical external trigger (accidents, diseases...) or sudden change of state (rags to riches, zero to hero, loser to fame...). People just change.
  • a simple yet quite meaningful little gem  <3 
If you know you won't enjoy these things then don't watch FLOWER BOY NEXT DOOR 
It's not everyone's cup of tea!  

Watching FBND or not
This is an awesome ballad worth sampling <3

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