The meaning behind Yongguk's set of instagram pictures (NOT)

(I'll be going on hiatus for realz after this one)

UPDATE: The pictures are from The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey...
So what i wrote did not make sense cause it is not even a story and every picture represents a different character.26 pictures with 26 children, each bearing a name starting with one of the 26 letters. A  abecedarian book. The author's monochrome drawings depict a unique and obscur and creepy event that lead to the children's death. And again. 26 kind of deaths.

Yeah...i'll stick to my story for now but if you want to check out the original HERE

ohhhhhh yongguk...

Once upon a time... 

(just imagine it's yongguk narrating this with his deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep voice 
in engrish)

Aheum aheum
Once upon a time
There was a little boy
(with an adorable bowtie)
This little boy...

E is for ERNEST who choked on a peach

...lived in a big mansion alone. 
Everyday he would have breakfast, lunch and dinner seated on this big throne-like chair at the edge of a never-ending table...alone
He wasn't sad. He was even somehow content with what he had but he did get bored sometimes...however




One day...
He decided to take a peak outside 
through these immense windows

N is for NEVILLE who died of ennui

....he felt that he had to go out there
That there was something outside of these confined stone walls
Something worth going out of his comfort zone for



He went outside
Took a few steps forward
Looked back
Looked up
His mansion was one tall mansion.
He couldn't even see the top of it

Y is for YORICK whose head was knocked in

.He turned his back to his big stoned mansion for the last time
and walked forward




From that day onward
he kept looking ahead of him
he kept walking in front of him
he kept looking forward
cause there was something worth finding
something better than his big mansion

V is for VICTOR squashed under a train




Ok ouais.
No comment.


This is one of the most repost-able material


P.s: I had nothing to do okay....just finished school stuff! Make up your own story or something! I wonder if those are his drawings? And yeah....what IS the story behind it. Dude you so deeep.

P.S 2: HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT (ok maybe this is just for me but...) 
HE HAS A TUMBLR! WHUT! He posts some of the music he crafted! Here it is! 

방용국's little tumblr

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  1. Aha.......................... I think I prefer your story.
    Maybe he's crazy. but certainly creative.
    LIKE US!!!!!!