[unboxing] B.A.P - The 3rd single album

So after looping above melody for the past hour and still going as I write this (it flows nicely, try it!), I realized that the title actually says "3rd Mini Album" (so it's NOT a single album, but an EP...ok).

Maybe B.A.P should actually follow their chillaxing concept in Coffee Shop and chill down a little. I mean, it took Ra.d 3 years to release his newest mini with a similar concept. Not that I'm complaining.

Can I have a fluffy banilla?


Coffee shops and ice cream aside though, let's get to the unboxing! of their 3rd mini single album.

Y e s s i r !

album vs. Galaxy Note 2

First off I just LOVE the fun and edgy concept behind this album. It's cute and fluffy but also intense eyeliner.

For music, click the button in the top left corner!

PS: The album is leather-y on the outside with a shiny detailed matoki. Small size, small photobook, but pretty inside and out!~

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