Just eating out. Every meal. For 4 days.

[Warning: almost-instagram-worthy-but-not-because-of-crappy-phone-camera-quality food pics spammage (the ones that didn't come out super blurry)]

(The first time I ever blog about what I do when I go to TO!! Not traveling, just eating.)
Let's goooooooooo! (or should I say. LEGGO)

Late morning: Yumchaaaaa

The little plates just keep on coming...

Except this. This was HUGE. Asians never think enough food is enough food.

Side note: One day I will learn how to read chinese restaurant menu....

Afternoon: Walk it off... by shopping for MORE FOOD

Oh-goodness the snack aisle.

And look! ........skincare products. In the grocery store. I would say "daebak" but...

...SASA has all of this with a much more modest price tag! KEKEKE

OK I think it's time for a nap!

Evening: already!?

blurryyyyy *sob*

And to end this altogether very asian weekend...

Fortunes! (from fortune cookies where else)
"You have a bright mind and a good memory."
"You will have success in all your endeavors."
Wouldn't it be nice if these came out to be true for the upcoming week.

March break 안녕!
Spring, 빨리와요!
봄봄봄. 너를 원해!

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