Platinum blonde x Jet black

bonus cutiepoo:
looks exactly like debut days *_*
even Taem's hair looks mushroomy now

Everybody 131014.


because life happens.



byebye for nowwwie

Little things that made me :) and :)

1. Speaks for itself.

2. Myungsoo wants to eat steak soooo~very~much~ (warning: 오글오글)

3. BigStar - 일단달려 (Run & Run) MV
Strangely addicted to this song and dance, + MV is pretty darn creative too.

4. Chicago boy. @btobpeniel

5. BYG @ 9:30 (but watch the whole thing from beginning to end~ really, to the enddd♥)

6. Baby likes cotton candy

7. Keystagram :O @bumkeyk

8. Henry addressing a hyung's anger management issue @ 59:34 with humility + professionalism


'Why So Serious: The misconceptions of me' [3집] by SHINee (Photobook + Taemin Photocard)

SHINee's 3rd album, part 2! (Click here for unboxing of part 1)

I told myself I would make an unboxing of this before the release of 'Misconceptions of Us' (the really scary-looking repackage album), so here it is!

But first here's a 58 second preview of one of the 2 new songs~

The photobook: mostly greyish, a mix of candid shots, blurry artsy shots, great close-ups, and people falling.

Autographed CD: 'Bad Boys' by Led Apple

My first Led Apple album! The group that just crept up on me from out of nowhere..... (rambling explanation follows)

♥ Music Note. Pretty much showcases what an amazing singer Hanbyul is, with some really original+hilarious covers.
♥ Catchy and refreshing songs really worth listening to. ('니가 뭔데', '바람아 불어라', 'Yeah', 'Run to You', '배반', etc.)
♥ They really put themselves out there...globally. LEDA + LEDApple = ♥

The package arrived a bit late due to some issues -- but I'm not complaining since it arrived safely and soundly and signed~!

album vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 2