91-liner represents!

Key... are you an inspirit? <3
Key + Woohyun....Keyhyun? Wookey? Keywoo....nevermind.

My 2 biases<3 13.03.15

And after Key posted that pic.....
Ready to get teased(r)? 
(i'm so totally talking to myself)

Woollim entertainment are doing a good job because:

1.They are actually releasing teasers before the actual mv comes out

2.Very well organized ...even keeping counts of the days!(D-5

I think some companies forget about the mvs at some point and....you fans know what i'm talking about

3.Teaser: members-actually-doing-something-and-not-just-staring-awkwardly-at-the-camera + a song + it feels like it actually HAS somehow something to do with the upcoming release of 
"A boy man in love"

Suju totally nailed the simplicity there
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ok Kkeut.

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