I think we human beings....
we like to ask a lot of questions.

And then without even waiting 
for an answer to be formulated
we get impatient.
And then we ask God "Why?"

Those words. 
All you need to know. 

is the answer.

So let's stop asking "why" and be 

For He never fails.

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Dude. You got it en plein dans le mille.

"Then you will know the truth, 
and the truth will set you free."
John 8:32

As for myself.
After years of scrambling through life
I've come to understand a little bit
of my freedom.
God gave us freedom.
Freedom to wander away from Him.
Freedom to choose our own ways instead of His.
He never stopped us.
We were free.
And then the greatest freedom comes
when we can choose to come back to Him.
In our ugliest and most undesirable state.
And we have the freedom to know
even with our little faith
that His door will always be opened.
Because of Love.

[Ok, yeah... maybe I'll have to reformulate all this in a few years again. Nighty.]

P.s: Keeping a journal is not only therapeutic.
It is also a means to keep in touch with your walk with God when you look back and read them with a sense of..... embarrassment. But guess what. It's a readable proof of how you've grown and how God has been working in your life! I'll may or may not post some extract here.....

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  1. So so encouraging. 고마워!
    God is good and He is in control!!!