March break/reading week

[Warning: This post mostly consists of random blablatage. A one-way conversation soliloquy that could translate as a it? But i guess i'm also talking to YOU! yes you. ]

scratch the reading week. March BREAK.

As for me...didn't do much...
Went for sushi, dim sum and went to some expensive fancy/schmancy italian restaurant that comment. 
TO food....I want.

However I did get a rose from a friend's friend for woman's day the other day!
(not that it has anything to do with food...)
I'm drying up the rose to immortalize its prettiness <3




And I thrifted a temporary desk today for 14.50$ 
Ever since I started re-styling my boudoir last summer....
I've gone desk + bed frame bankrupt-ed.
So I've been sitting on the floor and using my bed (or mattress) as a "desk"....
"Temporary desk" because I'm still hunting for THE one.
Yeah I'm a bit of an interior freak.

Not going to reveal it now though cause it's still in that just-got-into-my-room-so-it's-just-plain-and-ugly phase.



I recently sold my stethoscope online.
I just wanted to hold on to it...
for no particular reason.
It was just cool to have it. 



But selling that allowed me to...

receive my first ever dvdheaven parcel!
(it paid for more than half of it?)

I had to go get it at the post office
so i feared I had to pay some custom fees...
but pfiouuuuuuuuuu.  

peacefully couched on its furry throne!

I only opened it to verify that everything was there
Although the package doesn't look in perfect shape
What is in it is in immaculate condition!

Why did I order from dvdheaven and not from yesasia/kpoptown/kpopmart

1. It comes directly from Korea
2. Counts on the music charts (and so does the other website...oh well)
3. It IS a  bit cheaper when ordered in bulk (save around 20-25$)
[but you have to be very strategic with what you order and work around the weight of your items because shipping cost depends on that aspect]
(yesasia would cost around the same for small orders and kpoptown/kpopmart...just overly more expensive)
4.They have an open Q&A forum in which you can complain as much as you want
and the customer service comes back to you pretty quickly (in ENGLISH)
5. They also sell cosmetic? (Missha/Etude House)



So...Why haven't I opened my package?
Well...what is the rush? hahaha
Also because i'm still in the process of trying to figure out
where to store display them?
These are old drawers that I've stacked up! 

Let's zoom in on that picture....

These are old goodies. Not my present unopened package.


p.s : All of the above can all be categorized in the "entertainment" section.
Idolatry is when you put something/someone before God.
And how I try to evaluate that is by looking at where I spend my time.
How do I spend my time. What do I do when I have spare time.
Don't let worldly things take over your life.
Then your own desires and hopes and dreams will become idols
thus sinning by not putting God first.
God is worth our everything.
This is a constant struggle. 
A daily battle.
I'm not alone

(I guess this summarizes bible study during fellowship and Sunday school today?)

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