'From me To you' [EP] by 주영 (Joo Young)

I love this talented dude! Everyone from RealCollabo is simply amazing imo. Check him out covering 'Nothing's gonna change my love for you'. ♥

Aren't his vocals velvety smooth and perfect? *o*

Here are photos of his first mini-album that I purchased from YesAsia. SUPPORT~

1. Take a Breath
2. Hang Up the Phone (feat. Ra.D, 인발)
3. All of You
4. 네게 난 [MV]
5. 이별이란 걸
6. [Bonus Track] Hang Up the Phone (Rap Version) (feat. Ra.D, SickBoi, 인발)
The songs on this album are super chill, funky-ballady. I guess he would fall in the R&B/soul genre. Did I mention his voice is wonderfulicious?
All composed by himself, except for track 5 which was composed by Ra.D!

He previously released a single called '그대와 같아' which is also simply irresistible.

OK another cover. 'Well done' by Jeremy Passion ♥ such a sad and beautiful song...


  1. This is so pretty!
    (cough*totally my type*cough)
    Is he an 오빠?

  2. omg he's so good

  3. omg I want the album too. though late I now really like jooyoung, very nice voice.