K-Wave magazine - Infinite H (February 2013)

Should have posted this weeks ago. Sowie! So to excuse my tardiness I put this picture together - peace yo!

멋진 힙합 듀오 인피니트 H!
(So...the H stands for 'hip hop' right?)

Here's a preview of the spread:

Readable images are under the cut! click click click below...

Q: The special girl of your dreams?
Hoya: "A girl with a beautiful smile. If there is a 'special girl' like that, I think I would make jokes all the time to make her laugh."

Oh stop with your uber-cheesy-cute answers you. ♥

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  1. [sees teaser of infinite on youtube]
    -ohhhhhhhhhh they're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
    [clicks on it]
    [watches the whole thing]
    -whaat...it was a teaser announcing a fanmeeting...