Quick NYC post (NOT B.A.P related)

Here is a little photodiary of our mini trip to NYC
It's actually kinda sad because I didn't take that many pictures.
My focus was elsewhere....*cough B.A.P cough*
Also on the day of the concert,
I had my camera hidden in my shirt while wearing a baggy overall....
So I didn't even bother to take it out...

Right across the best buy theater centre

Ohhhhhhhhhhh reflexion...

Shopping avenue

It looks empty here but...wow...people everywhere. Traffic lights are invisible there....

Thank you free coffee!!!

This is as tourist-y as we can get. Empire State building.

Aliens (B.A.P) are coming down!

Batman and Iron were plotting an invasion...Sorry ...B.A.P has conquered the universe

1515 Broadway....

Walking walking walking

Thank you Urban Outfitters for my one-time-use wedges for the concert.

This one is for you JeppBlackman <3

Stalking our surroundings....cause they might just be around
We actually remembered we had to eat.



Confusion...what now...
The sky seemed different after

Bye bye *sniff*

Stay tuned for ....everything else

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