'Why So Serious: The misconceptions of me' [3집] by SHINee (Photobook + Taemin Photocard)

SHINee's 3rd album, part 2! (Click here for unboxing of part 1)

I told myself I would make an unboxing of this before the release of 'Misconceptions of Us' (the really scary-looking repackage album), so here it is!

But first here's a 58 second preview of one of the 2 new songs~

The photobook: mostly greyish, a mix of candid shots, blurry artsy shots, great close-ups, and people falling.

More than anything I think 3집 really shows how much SHINee has grown and matured in these few years. Probably most obviously seen in our makdongi Taem.

Taemmm's. Version B.

"항상 고마운 우리..." (we are always thankful)

But SHINee will always be my shining boys. Yes, boys. ♥

Since the timing of 3rd album kinda coincided with 5th SHINeeversary, I guess the members had a lot think about and so each left a (why so not) serious message on the last page of the photobook entitled '[The misconceptions of me]'. Here are the translated messages.

ONEW: There have been many days that were very happy and days that were difficult as I’ve lived so far, but I’ve always lead a bright life. I want to continue with that kind of life and live where I can always smile. I’m 25 this year. Five years have now passed by. Although sometimes there are difficulties of a life receiving everyone’s attention, I believe those aspects have made me stronger. I definitely think that people who do what they want will be happy. Of course that doesn’t mean I’m not happy. It’s just that now, it’s a time when I have a lot of thoughts not as a young child but as a human being. For this album, I thought about “What kind of misconceptions are there of me particularly?” There are several difficult and tiring misconceptions, but these thoughts are ones I can look back on and have a good time with. I’m always working hard without regrets for all the album preparations, but I will do a lot of thinking in order to show a cooler side of myself that regrets even less. There are good points and bad points about me, but I think I'll be able to unravel my thoughts.

JONGHYUN: Misconceptions make people imagine and predict. Out of your perceptions of me, most of them may be covered in misconceptions. But still, in my head, I am entirely me. Even misconceptions are me. Those things can leave negative results and positive results. A world that puts out unique interpretations from new misconceptions that differ from the original intention is more fun than one that proposes evident answers. The world was like that before I was born and will continue to be like that. Countless misconceptions have made the world more creative. I wanted to put that fun world into this album. “What do you think?” “What kind of new interpretation from your misconception does this album make you think of that we haven’t?”

KEY: Every thought that is signaled towards me is a misconception. The misconceptions of me.
(Key wrote this in English. It is not a translation.)

MINHO: At first, really scary and disappointing events kept occurring. When I tried to solve them, they became even more tangled. Because of all these things that happened to me, ever since I was young, I thought, “Are my worries growing progressively bigger?”. If I drill a hole in my thoughts and look back on myself one day through that hole, wouldn't I have become a wiser person? I’m now 23 years old. I’m still lacking to be receiving or expressing a lot. But I’m expecting to live a happier life by escaping pain through you and you through me. I’m always thankful...

TAEMIN: I’ve always thought positively about myself. I’ve designed my own map of life and acted upon it accordingly. But I think walls find me at unexpected places. It could be family, friends, staff who work hard for my sake. I thought there would be many people who can relate with my thoughts, but starting a social life at a young age, I thought differently than I did. However, others have slightly different codes than mine or if they understand my thoughts, they express it in another way. And things I didn’t think of ahead of time keep coming up. While preparing this album, I especially had this thought a lot. “I wish there was someone around who has the same thoughts as I do,” is what I often thought about. I said something like this recently on a show. “I want to make my own crew.” But there will be people who understand my intentions and people who take it in a different direction than my intention and misunderstand. There are times when even I don’t understand myself. A misconception doesn’t have a specific shape, but rather exists in a form. My actions that can be considered as shapes include my intentions and thoughts. In other words, I think most misconceptions are because of form. Even if I act appropriately according to my blueprint that I’m making, there is a possibility of a mistake being made due to a misunderstanding. However, there’s a meaning behind everything and overcoming and conquering them is the current me. I think it’s what Lee Taemin has to do. I’m not afraid of extremes. But while there are people who understand this side of me, there are a ton of people who resent and hate it. I wish they don’t have misconceptions of me based only on my actions which they can see and I hope no one gets hurt.

(credit: shineee.net)

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