You're my DESTINY~

AGHHH the Infinite I fell in love with.

Performance, song, dance, EVERYTHING. <3
Now I really really wanna go to their NYC concert in November. (sigh)

Let's do this...

it doesn't look THAT hard... right...


이성종's hair... my faaave.

(Whoa. For a second there I saw ZELO... just that angle of him... probably just a maknae illusion)

Ok here I go with the hair.


I feel like I've never really noticed him until I saw him in that hair(+outfit)... props~!

(This takes me back 4 years ago when I first watched Boys Over Flowers (BOF). You know when Jihoo (김현중) CUTS HIS HAIR. Tables turned. It absolutely changed everything.)

(( Just an idea of an ideal type I guess. ))

And this one's obvious...

Chanyeollie (another fave because wow what an upgrade)